video about a breakup. this is how i felt on november last year.

My two processing.js sketchs were selected to be displayed on the Medialab Prado façade, in Madrid (Spain), together with other cool sketches.
Free as a bird, minute 7:22.
Hearts and more, minute 35:28


I liked this evulvian, with something like a star-octopus on its head. I’m beggining to store shapes on a database, so they’ll be trackeable afterwards. Hope this one is correctly stored :)

Evulvia, work in progress.

I’m going evulvian


Evulvians begin to look like something else :)

I’m using the javascript library three.js for creating the geometries that shape Evulvians. Three.js makes 3D drawing easy as it takes care of the heavy WebGL stuff. I’ve also played a bit with WebGL shaders. Shaders are really complicated to master, but also offer a great power when it comes to detail in textures and lights.

I love how evulvians begin to look.

evulvia tumblr:

finally got to generate shapes using data from the country where the evulvian is.
just a rough start (evulvians will look much better!), but it’s great beggining to draw.

(sorry for the crappy image definition, due to tumblr gif restrictions - higher quality gif here)

this is my full time project now

Mystic Karaoke - a project I made with some colleagues.
Provides an hypnotic-trance inducive interactive experience mixing visuals and audio. It is designed to be used by one user at a time, in a closed, immersive space.
It starts with a pre-recorded minimal mantra-like sound that will keep repeating all the time. Any sound made by the user will be repeated for some time, so all sounds merge in a repetitive rhythm - some karaoke-like text appears in case the user doesn’t know what to say :) Shapes in the screen appear at the same time that sounds repeat, creating a connected audio-visual experience. Also, shapes move a bit depending on the location of the user, making the experience more similar to what it’d be like if we were in front of a mirror or… i don’t know, just tricking the mind trying to make us believe we are in a world of color, sound, movement and… maybe nirvana :)

We’ve used the code I programmed in processing last year that creates moving images using geometrical shapes, and added interaction with kinect and audio from a microphone. The audio part has been developed in pure data. processing and pd communicate via osc.

You can see a second or two of it in action in this promotional video they made at the university where I’m studing at


EVULVIA, an artificial life project just started by jordirosa.

In this blog I’ll document the whole process, how the project evolves, references and other links I find relevant to the project.

My aim is to create a virtual world (an image of our own world) that people can follow through a website. This world will be populated by some forms of life, represented by a combination of geometric shapes (for the moment I’ll call them “evulvers”). Users will be able to create new beings and selecting what country they are born in. This decision will determinate what kind of life that evulver will have, as some real data taken from the World Bank will be used to decide the probability of reaching age 5, how long will it live, if it’ll need to migrate to another country, how rich or poor or healthy or un healthy it may be, etc. This, and the indicators of the countries it may live in (in case it decides to migrate) will be reflected somehow in its appereance. Evulvers will be able to exchange information with other evulvers. Sometimes, when two or more evulvers meet they may have a child, whose features will be a genetic mix of its parents, and will also be influenced by the country where it’s born.

I’m really looking forward to exploring the possibilities artificial life brings to generate beings that live on their own, how capable is this system of creating aestetichally interesting shapes, or how good it may be as an alternative way of data visualization.

This is my final work for the Master in Digital Arts I’m studying at UPF, Barcelona.

You can see some other things I’ve done at my other tumblr:

Desvirguer Analytics, a site showing Youtube videos with 0 views. Never watched by anyone before. Be the one to deflower it.

by mundo oculto. I helped with the PHP programming part and some AS3 assisting.

me and a couple of friends hacked a mindflex with an arduino and used it to control visuals made with processing.
or well, should I say to represent our brainwaves? (it seems it takes lots of training to really control anything with your mind)

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